Welding 101: How to Choose for the Best MIG Welder for Newbies


“Set your spirit free, it’s the only way to be” by Spice Girls, meant much to the Welding World. The fusion, which is the reason why two metals are fused together, is the result of what we call, welding. If you are a newbie in this field and you want to explore how welding works, but you don’t know which best MIG welder to choose, then here is the simplest and the best guide for you.

Metal Inert Gas Welding devices are easy to use but it takes the keenest eyes to choose the best type. Here are some tips on how to choose.

  1. Pattern your needs. You have to ask yourself first, what are you going to use it for? In general, metals have hard, mechanical properties. It’s obvious; they’re hard, durable, solid, and resistant. Since, welding can be done by anyone; it is advantageous that you know what you are going to use it for.

  1. Check your health. If you are a geek, a member of the marching band, a choir member, or the youngest in your class, that still wouldn’t be a problem. But if you asthma, or pneumonia, or allergies, that should be considered before buying any MIG welder. Here’s the thing, the heat, which is needed to create the fusion of two metals after melting will also produce small, metal particles that act like dust. These can be dangerous if you are asthmatic. Here is the best tip, always look for a MIG welder that can operate only with gases like argon and helium. Learn about the  best corded drill here!

  1. Good shielding. You needed two things to join two metals. The first one is heat. The second one is shielding. The atmosphere will oxidize the molten metals easily. It will weaken your weld, or worst the fusion will not occur. The oldest type of welding, the Oxy-Fuel welding, is effective but not as effective as the MIG. And you needed two gas tanks to create the heat. You have to remember that the best MIG welder is the one that uses electrode, or the one that you can interchange with a flux core type of welding.

These sure, the best family tent tips will make sure that you will survive when you pass by the hardware store for the first time. Remember, you can do it by yourself. There is no need to worry.

Know more about mig welder at http://www.ehow.com/how_5653314_set-gas-mig-welder.html.


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